30 years of designing, developing and refining jewelry as well as lifestyle accessory collections for other labels, long time Bali resident Guru Norbert Horschmann embraced the evolution of his new stand-alone design and production house, ‘Groovy Gurus’.


Groovy Gurus are Many, but began with one…

Knowing that gems gain beauty under pressure, Norbert was attracted to study the stone mines of Sri Lanka in 1983. This is where the first of many Groovy Gurus in the Jewelry play crossed his path. Together with his new- found friends, they began designing and realized classical jewelry lines of stunning beauty that combined various metals, precious and semiprecious stones.

Recognizing a mutual appreciation and complimentary talents, fuel was added to the fire and a creative partnership forged lasting the best part of a decade.
Together they created many exquisite collections, which became popular in Europe, particularly among the German market.
Feeling the need for change, and seriously afflicted with a passion for the tropics, Bali was the next destination, and with it a new purpose.
A private partnership was formed with the GTZ (German Society for Technical Cooperation). Norbert settled in and began molding the skills of the Indonesian jewelers to conform to the high standards expected by the European market.

The Next Step

Satisfied by the progress made in Bali and sensing the potential, Norbert embarked on a new enterprise and ‘Silver Tree Bali’ was born, essentially a company to serve other talented designers.
Silver Tree excelled, solving people’s problems, helping them to actualize their collections, assisting in every step of the process from concept, design, quality- control to packaging.


Now – through ‘Groovy Gurus’, a new and expansive chapter has begun, including all of the services of ‘Silver Tree Bali’ that people grew to rely on and extended to embrace a dynamic, stand alone presence that leverages Norbert’s 30 years in the trade.

The future isn’t just bright… it’s positively sparkling!