About Angels by Kaora Sandara Transformative Jewelry
The line of jewelry “About Angels” by Kaora Sandara is designed to help energy flow and transformation. It consists of sterling silver 925 made in the codes of sacred geometry, presented in the form of pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Rings with spherical stones as well as Tiaras and Headbands are in direct contact with the top four chakras and influence these during meditation, spiritual and esoteric practices.The internal energy of stone is most pronounced in the spherical shape as a perfect geometric figure, amplifying the original specific properties of each.The round shape can protect from negative energy effects, prevents the loss of energy and at the same time attracts positive energy and restores peace of mind.

It promotes the attainment of inner wholeness.

Let Light, Love, Harmony and Peace shine in your heart and in your soul.

Let the angels guard you and support you in life.

With Love and Joy, Kaora Sandara


Available at: www.kaorasandara.com